lunedì 7 maggio 2018

A message from Siddharameshwar Maharaj reported by his disciple Nisargadatta Maharaj

Siddharameshswar Maharaj


"God is nothing else than the devotee. Give up the idea that there is
a devotee and a God. It is a myth that some one else will come and do
something for you. Whatever is, is of your own making. Nothing
extraneous will give you Godhood. Maya [doubt] has the power to
dislodge or shake you from your conviction, but it has no power to
give you Godhood.

Your will has given you the shape you experience. Be God or whatever
you like; you have only to will so. Name what you like and you have
it. What you acquire comes to being. How will people call you God if
you yourself do not believe in your Godhood? When you will realize
that you were committing a "sin" or a blunder in behaving like a
worldly being then Godhood, will dawn on you. When you feel so, then
take it, that You are acquiring Godhood.

Why, you have actually acquired it, nay, you will then experience that
you needed no acquisition of it because it was there eternally within
you already. As a man naturally feels ashamed to wear the garments of
a woman, so a man who has acquired Godhood will feel ashamed of the
material life. You must always feel that ultimate Reality is ever
free. You should be ashamed of going round as a human being. Why
should you need different objects for the gratification of different
senses of the body when you are convinced that you are not the body
but pure consciousness [Brahma] itself. Beware and examine critically
the thoughts coming to your mind. Do it as a daily routine. Go on
observing, how far, what you took yourself to be before, is undergoing
a change.

Observe and compare the change in your attitude to life before and
after you met the Satguru - what you consider yourself to be before
and what you consider yourself to be now. See what feelings evoked
Pleasure in the mind before and what feelings do so now. See what
attributes we give to our life, that is, what form and meaning we now
give it. Acquisition and dispossession take place involuntarily
according as what form and quality your consciousness takes shape of.

Our mind, intelligence, Chitta and Ahamkara put together go to form our
right which we try to exercise with reference to our form, inner
consciousness and the place or the destination where, we aim to go. By
focusing your inner gaze directly on your conceived outward form and
inner cognition, you realize the Self at first hand and the conviction
of such realisation is called the steadfast Self-Realization".

Nisargadatta Maharaj

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